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Get Started: Build Your Own Bungalow

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Steps to Build Your Bungalow House in Malaysia

A dream bungalow house is always a part of the list of life goals by any person. Even when you were young, you envisioned the bungalow you’d want to live when you get older. As you get older, that vision changes but the dream essentially remains the same.

Most people get to plan for a bungalow house in their 30’s or 40’s. They’d learn during that time that their vision needs to follow a process which involves planning and coordination with professionals. The family who wants to build a bungalow should be prepared financially to avoid debt problems in the future.

1For first time home builders living in Malaysia, the process might be unfamiliar. It would be best not to dive into any offer right away. You must know these key steps before you move forward with the construction of your home.

Get a Mortgage

Mortgages are necessary so you can suit your budget to the loans you can get. There are two types of loans that you need to consult with your bank before construction of your home can start, and these are a land and construction loan.

The land loan will help finance the purchase of your preferred land for your construction. A construction loan will make sure you have the money to pay for materials, labor, and permits for the project. You can get these loans on any budget you should just agree to terms with your bank.

Banks in Malaysia cover financing for as low as 75% and as high as 90% of the entire budget. These terms mean you only need to shell out a small amount of money to supplement the finances your bank can provide. In most cases, a deposit of 25% of the estimated cost of the house to get your loan approved. You should also have a small contingency fund to cover any unplanned costs during construction.

Acquire a Building Permit

The Malaysian government requires building permits before construction can start for residential houses. This comes even before a suitable land is found and bought. It is part of the initial planning stage for home constructions.

The Building Department of the state or city will be issuing these permits for the home construction project proposal. Requirements include compliance to Malaysian planning and building standards as well as following environmental regulations for construction and land acquisition.

Look for Potential Land

Surveying possible empty lots will ensure that the property you purchase will meet the needs of your home construction project. It involves checking for factors that were identified on the building plan for your house.

After you narrowed down your choice to the most suitable property, you proceed to purchase the land and get a great deal with the developer or owner of the property. This property should also be registered with the local Land Registry in your area. Hire a lawyer to help you meet the requirements for this task.

Finalise your Building Plan

Search the internet or get recommendations from a friend who have homes for professional architects and contractors like us to help you with your home’s design. Together you can make a full design with considerations for your budget and take your input for the plan.

Architects can also assist in design implementation to ensure that the designs are followed, and construction is executed properly. This ensures that your furnishings, facilities and cost of materials are handled properly.

You reduce the risk of experiencing problems in construction when you work with professionals during the process. Building a house doesn’t have to be emotionally and financially draining. With proper planning and consultation, it can even save you time and money to get your dream house.

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